basic sales techniques

and in a selling context, stories are a powerful way to illustrate the value of your solution to your prospect. on the other hand, when you share a story about how a similar company struggled and solved a common industry concern, your prospect is better able to project themselves into the story. you-phrasing compels your prospect to question their status quo, paints an achievable buying vision, and holds your prospect’s attention in a way that separates your message from the competition. and when you create something that meets those three criteria, you have a value proposition that sets your solution apart from the competition and communicates real value to your prospect. most of the selling strategies in this article are still effective when you’re selling over the phone, but you can use these two specific phone sales techniques to boost your persuasive impact and close more deals. tell a compelling, relatable story and use visuals to hold their attention while you illustrate the value of your solution.

but to create a powerful perception of value, you need to tell both the “before” story and the “after” story—you need to tell customer stories with contrast. and your ability to create a profitable outcome depends on how deftly you navigate critical moments of the sales process—moments that have the potential to change the nature of your opportunity and recast the buyer’s perception of your influence. expansion conversations, for example, walk a thin line between persuading your customer to buy more and convincing them to stay with your solution in the process. in these situations, don’t be afraid to use emotional language to lean into the relationship between you and your customer’s company. that means you need to effectively challenge the status quo and show how the prospect’s world can change for the better. and just about every sales organization under the sun spends a lot of time trying to perfect that pitch. b2b organizations around the world use corporate visions’ portfolio of solutions to develop and refine sales skills and sales techniques that are proven to work across the entire customer lifecycle.

at business conferences i speak at, i often get asked, “if you had just five techniques you could use to improve a sales process, what five techniques would you use more than any other?” this list holds my 5 favorite sales techniques has been proven over the past 20 years of my selling career in various business i’ve owned from selling products to services; from business to consumer sales to business to business sales; from short sales cycles of less than 24 hours to long sales cycles of 24 months. 1. magnify the pain and make the cost real, present, and unbearable. by asking questions and helping your prospect articulate the real cost of their status quo. “tell me about your current situation…””what’s not working right now…””tell me more…””what is the real impact…””what happens if you don’t deal with this and find a solution? i mean, what sparked you that you need to fix the situation now versus just living with it for another year?” 2. create scarcity and tap into the fear of loss. how can you appropriately inject competition into the conversation with your prospect? “mike, you shared that it is important that you get delivery and installation by the first of next month. from your perspective, why is it you think we should pick your company to partner with in tampa?”

what objections do you hear over an over again? rather than let the objections come up and then brute force “overcoming” them, instead, preempt them. 4. save a key sales objection to the end, and use that as a lever to close the sale. here is what it might sound like:prospect: “but we need the cost to be under $4,000 per unit. “you: “so i’m hearing that you need the unit cost to be under $4,000. assuming we could get you that pricing, and i’m not sure we can, but assuming we could, is there anything else that would stop you from moving forward with the purchase? “notice what you’re doing is fleshing out any other objections before you work to solve that final one, and making it clear that they have bought contingent on solving that last objection.the hardest person to sell to is not negative, he is apathetic. when you know you have a key objection, sometimes it can make strategic sales sense to leave it until the end and use that objection to create the emotion and movement to close the deal. the best sales people don’t “sell” in the sense that they don’t convince or talk somebody into anything. you do this through asking great questions that build customer motivation and restating and re-framing your prospect’s responses to help them sell themselves.

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