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a recently released report from coalfire and omdia found that for the majority of organizations, growing compliance obligations are now consuming 40 percent or more of it security budgets and threaten to become an unsustainable cost. there are state laws that legally require employers to keep the health information of employees secure and confidential. meeting both security and compliance needs at the same time is a difficult thing to achieve for many organizations. at this time, forward-looking organizations are turning to compliance operations software to ensure they can fulfill their security and compliance needs at the same time. these rules impose formidable duties of care for the data a company has in its possession, and they hold the company responsible for third parties working with that data on the company’s behalf. let’s restate that tension between security and compliance again, for the sake of clarity.

in the final analysis, and as we mentioned in a previous post, all of this is about investing in the company’s ability to manage risk. controls can be assigned to “owners” and you can note down what type of evidence someone needs to provide to attest that a control is operational. when new proof is attached to a label, the proof is automatically associated with all controls in that label. in hyperproof, you can set up automated reminders to ensure that control owners are reviewing controls on a regular basis, ensure that testing and evidence collection is happening throughout the year, rather than right before an audit. prior to founding hyperproof, craig founded azuqua and was a leader at microsoft where he led the development of microsoft dynamics, access, and excel. prior to hyperproof, she led the channel business for scribe software in both the us and emea.

automation refers to the process of using software to recreate a portion or all of the compliance requirements. despite the importance of compliance, it usually involves time-consuming and tedious tasks that require no human creativity. it costs less to delegate tedious tasks to bots than to ask people to complete these tasks, even at minimum wage. bots can work quickly, accurately and cheaply, so people who rely on the data can move on to the next step. to better understand the question of what is compliance automation process, consider real-world examples. compliance automation won’t automate the termination process, but it can automate the documentation of steps that led up to the final termination.

how you get products and services to your customers is likely one of the most complex areas of your business operations. you can automate these checklists and make them available to everyone on the team. the last thing you want is to miss a crucial step that leaves your business and its workers exposed to risk. knowing what your compliance requirements and steps are can make it easy to narrow down your options. others might need a helping hand and some convincing to change the way they have likely done something for years. review the process, make some adjustments and then start to expand rollout. we provide professional services and training workshops to help you get the most out of the software and to further enhance your business processes.

one way to solve these major concerns with today’s compliance reporting is to use automation to generate reports. automating report generation can. not only does an automated compliance solution bring data faster, but it can arm you with more and better data, in the form of meaningful and compliance automation is about using technology to eliminate as much manual, administrative work as possible from compliance activities — so an, automating compliance, automating compliance, hyperproof reviews, hyperproof crunchbase, hyperproof pricing.

automated compliance reporting also translates into greater control over cybersecurity. when creating compliance reports is fast and easy, you can report more frequently. this gives you the ability to identify security risks and out-of-compliance settings in a timely manneru2014before a problem occurs. some factors driving companies towards an automated statutory reporting process include meeting regulatory compliance standards, passing audits the good news is that artificial intelligence has made automated compliance software and compliance reporting automation possible. benefits of compliance automation implementation is more time and cost effective compared to manual controls. compliance status and audit information can be, what is compliance?, regulatory compliance, corporate compliance, compliance manager. what is automated compliance? what is compliance reporting? what does compliance automation enable? what should a compliance report include?

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