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7. number of instructors: two primary instructors to teach and monitor the class; two assistant instructors during the pes and to take briefings from the students. 10. transportation: n/a 11. aircraft: n/a 12. communication: n/a 13. troops/support personnel: n/a 14. weapons/ordnance/eod: n/a 15. mess: n/a 16. medical: n/a 17. student-supplied uniform and equipment: duty uniform. students will be required to have water-soluble marking pens (vis-a-vis). student references: fm 34-130, fm 100-5; so 46100 (u) dec 88; sh 42100 a, b, c (doctrinal templates) (u) dec 88. the dst is essentially a combined intelligence estimate and operations estimate in graphic form.

the rules for wargaming are established to ensure that everything that will impact on the battle is included. slide 13: avenue in depth 1) avenue-in-depth 14 we use this method to look at all the forces that will attack our forces along a particular avenue of approach. we use the belt method to look at all the forces at a particular time in the battlefield. this allows the commander to look at all the forces that will be moving into his sector at any time. we are going to use the dst as our technique of recording and displaying results. first, in order to be ready for the wargame, the s2 should have the following posted to the dst:

produce maximum relative combat power at the decisive point,” is a tenet of us army doctrine. this monograph reviews. download scientific diagram | an example synchronization matrix (partial) produced in a such products are u.s. army intelligence center and fort huachuca fort huachuca, arizona the synchronization matrix is often appended to the bottom of the decision support template. it allows us to , synchronization matrix definition, synchronization matrix definition, fm 6-0.

logistics synchronization matrix at the ntc, attendance at bct combined arms rehearsals usually includes the as the army increases its focus on decisive action, more units are emphasizing decision-support templates and matrices synchronization has been one of the stated principles of us army doctrine since it first appeared as one tpls (time-phase lines) on event templates to portray where and when to look for indicators of ,

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