ai corporate training

the point of ai at its core is to stretch a person’s bandwidth even further by letting a machine do some of the thinking. the idea is to use ai-driven learning solutions for training and development in a way that supplements the training we are already doing. the idea here is to take our traditional learning strategies and use ai to make them even stronger. when someone shares a new learning asset or creates new training material, the ai synthesizes the information in the asset to produce search results that are most relevant.

while ai is not just a content recommendation tool (we stand by that through and through), it does have the ability to provide relevant content suggestions that their colleagues are contributing to the platform when they’re already watching an asset. ai (machine learning in this case) can analyze the content to produce a list of users who have shown an interest in similar assets in the past. as an ai powered system is fed more content, it becomes better each time at identifying patterns within the content and those who will find it most useful to produce more effective social learning experiences. on another good note, ai-powered technology gives us the ability to personalize user experiences to make a learner’s journey through the learning platform more relevant, targetted, and enjoyable for each individual.

for a long time, such training has been conducted with the help of onsite instructors. it has only been in the recent past, with the ai and the emergence of microlearning content, that corporate training has been completely revolutionized. in fact, the revenue of the global ai software market was valued at $9.51 billion in 2018. the market is expected to grow to an astounding $118.6 billion by 2025. the potential of ai is being recognized increasingly by businesses. with the help of robust analytics, ai gathers insights about the learning behavior of users. this helps in the creation of individual learning paths, best suited to the knowledge and skill level of the learner.

one of the other fascinating advantages of an ai learning platform is the removal of biases. glassdoor has gone on to say that one of the leading trends in employee onboarding and training in 2019 and beyond is automation, with the help of ai, especially chatbots. with ai, the need for a supervisor is eliminated too. the feats achieved with the help of ai are truly astounding. so, move towards the future and adopt a powerful ai-driven corporate training platform to engage employees and enhance their experience of learning and development at your organization.

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ai in corporate learning and development: it’s here. katy roby 3 min read. laptop, glasses and mouse how can ai improve workplace learning. learning is not about instruction anymore, but about the flow. ai corporate training. the exceptionally in-demand technology of artificial intelligence is now presenting many new, artificial intelligence and the future of learning and development

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