agile terms of reference

how it’s used: self-organized, cross-functional development teams work in close collaboration with the customer and stakeholders to add value to every step of the process, targeting a goal of continuous improvement. definition: backlog grooming occurs at the end of a sprint, when the team meets to make sure the backlog is ready for the next sprint. how it’s used: a burndown chart is used by agile teams to track the total work remaining in a project and to predict when work will be finished. definition: capacity represents the amount of work that can be completed within a certain time frame and is based on the number of hours that an individual or team will be available to complete the work. the daily scrum consists of a tightly focused conversation kept to a strict timeframe; the meeting is held at the same time, every day (ideally, in the morning), and in the same location. definition: the daily standup meeting is a key component of agile methodologies and serves as a daily forum for agile teams to share progress, report impediments, and make commitments for the current iteration or sprint. if a task or project is moving in the wrong direction, team members are encouraged to stop work as soon as possible. how it’s used: at the beginning of an iteration or sprint, the product owner and team decide which requirements to complete during the iteration. definition: a planning game refers to a planning meeting held to decide which user stories to include in the next iteration or release. how it’s used: in a scrum environment, the product owner assembles and prioritizes the user stories to be completed during a sprint.

in a kanban environment, the product owner assembles and prioritizes a backlog of work items to be accomplished. a scrum team is self-organized and self-contained—the team should have the right amount of members with the appropriate skills needed to complete the sprint. how it’s used: each sprint begins with a planning meeting between the product owner and scrum team to decide what amount of work can be realistically accomplished while still meeting the product owner’s or customer’s requirements. how it’s used: the sprint plan is a roadmap for team members to refer to and follow during the sprint. definition: the scrum team holds a sprint review meeting immediately following the completion of a sprint to review and demonstrate what the team has accomplished during the sprint. how it’s used: story mapping provides the team and stakeholders with a visual representation of product backlog and prioritized user stories that need to be completed. how it’s used: task is used in scrum to identify a small increment of work to be completed by a team member during a sprint. how it’s used: technical debt is used as a motivation for the team to focus on quality and added value during development. when the iteration or sprint is completed, the team should have produced a functional and potentially shippable product or deliverable, corresponding to the requirement specified in the user story. how it’s used: development teams use velocity as a means to forecast the work effort needed to complete future sprints, as long as the composition of the team and sprint duration remain the same. empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change.

(see more) bdd is a practice where members of the team discuss the expected behavior of a system in order to build a shared understanding of expected functionality. (see more) continuous deployment aims to reduce the time elapsed between writing a line of code and making that code available to users in production. (see more) in an agile context, incremental development is when each successive version of a product is usable, and each builds upon the previous version by adding user-visible functionality.

(see more) lead time is the time between a customer order and delivery. (see more) rules of simplicity is a set of criteria, in priority order, proposed by kent beck to judge whether some source code is “simple enough.” (see more) the scrum master is responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the practices that the team agreed they would use. (see more) a sprint backlog is the subset of product backlog that a team targets to deliver during a sprint in order to accomplish the sprint goal and make progress toward a desired outcome. (see more) extreme programming (xp) is an agile software development framework that aims to produce higher quality software, and higher quality of life for the development team.

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