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some of these are for advanced speakers, but they’re skills anyone can aspire to achieve. the occasion was a local chapter meeting of the national speakers association, and the speaker was mark lablanc. i’ve seen that done for a standard keynote of 30 or 45 minutes, but not for this length of time. i do like to use slides, but they’re almost entirely images instead of words. mark planted himself firmly at the front of the room and stuck to that spot through nearly the entire workshop. he gestured, of course, and used his body, and occasionally took a step or two. most people do, as a way to channel the nervous energy. storytelling, of course, is widely known as one of the most powerful forms of communication there is.

but the most powerful stories are those we have personally experienced. because they’re meaningful to us, our passion and conviction shine through, and that gets the audience engaged. humor humanizes us, it helps break down the walls between a speaker and his audience, and it’s entertaining. i took improv classes at second city. mark noted that there are two types of speakers: magnetic and dynamic. most of us fit the magnetic model. but a magnetic personality who tries to force himself into the dynamic mode will come across as fake and overbearing. if you want more information on how to take your presentation skills to the next level, check out this list of expert sources i put together. these are some of the people whose wisdom i drew from in writing my book.

many people have to speak in public — for professional conferences, classes, business meetings or special occasions — but few people have mastered the art of public speaking at an advanced level. dr. jim anderson of blue elephant consulting advocates repetitive practice as a means of advancing public speaking skills, but he says that the advanced public speaker won’t ever be perfect no matter how much practicing he puts in — rather, the goal should simply be to become better with each practice of a speech. then the speech should be put away for about a day, to return to later for one more practice on the day of the actual speech. bruskin believes that an advanced speech should never be written but memorized and spoken from the heart rather than the head, based on the general points that were the focus of practice. instead of being attached to written words, an advanced speech is spoken with passion and eloquence.

on the big day of the speech, bruskin says that great care should be taken to not use the podium as a crutch. this captures the audience’s attention and gives more freedom for the speaker to get creative and interact with the people. in some cases, the speaker will be forced to speak at a podium, but if not, bruskin recommends acquiring a wireless microphone for freedom to work the room. if that type of feedback isn’t available, consult people who were in the audience listening to the speech for their opinions. the advanced public speaker is always making adjustments to provide new and better versions of her speech and is open to constructive criticism.

5 advanced public speaking tips from a master 1. not every presentation requires visuals 2. there is strength in public speaking articles, seminars, and educational materials. cmst 3060: advanced public speaking. course syllabus. spring 2014. cmst 3060: section 1: t/thurs 10:30-11:50,, advanced public speaking skills, advanced public speaking skills, advanced public speaking pdf, advanced public speaking course, advanced public speaking book.

pace yourself to avoid speaking too quickly. add inflection and use hand gestures sparingly to add interest to your speech com 325 advanced public speaking. instructor: office: office hours: e-mail: when sending an email, it’s important that at the beginning of the semester dates for speeches will be provided for you to sign up to present your speech. • speech, advanced public speaking syllabus

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