4 types of business communication

to do so, various kinds of communication methods are available to stay in touch with your employees, as well as provide a means for customer contact. business communication can be internal, such as when conversing with your employees, or external, such as when advertising or dealing with suppliers. supervisors use this method when conveying important information to a subordinate or when conducting a performance appraisal. face-to-face communication is often used during the training process, such as when a new worker “shadows” a more experienced employee. a more formal business letter is often used when communicating with other businesses.

meetings are often used to communicate a new idea or a change in an existing procedure. sales meetings are used as a way to motivate salespeople or to communicate sales goals. telephones are used to contact other workers within the business or with other companies. in addition to communicating with employees and other business associates, communication is also used to interact with customers. advertising and marketing entices people to patronize a business, while customer service departments give customers the opportunity to contact businesses with a complaint or question. he holds a bachelor of science in marketing from york college of pennsylvania.

internal upward business communication is communication that comes from a subordinate to a manager or an individual up the organizational hierarchy. internal lateral business communication happens among employees in the workplace. internal business communications that use modern tools for employee engagement and communications have eliminated this problem of email overload.

proper internal business communications and and the use of the right communications tools is crucial for eliminating this challenge. one of the main goals companies are trying to achieve by investing in internal communications is to improve knowledge sharing best practices. companies that communicate in a transparent and open way have much healthier work atmosphere, employee motivation and satisfaction. to add, the growing shift towards remote work is also one of the reasons why employers are looking into implementing communications solutions that best mimic social and communications apps that employees use in their private lives.

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